Distributing memories


A group of sophomores laugh as they look through the yearbook. The theme of this years book was “What’s the Big Deal?”

Hannah Hill

Students rushed to the Freshmen Center on Friday, May 19, to pick up their yearbooks at an event held by Lake Central Publications called Distribution Day.

Distribution Day was started by Publications last year for the purpose of distributing yearbooks during school, rather than having students come during the summer to pick them up.

“I think [Distribution Day] went really successfully,” Nicole Milaszewski (12) said.

During specific time slots in PtE, all grade levels had their own 20 minute period to pick up their books, take pictures and buy Sharpies to sign yearbooks with.

“This was our first year doing it during PtE, so at the beginning we were kind of worried about time restraint, but I think it ended up working out perfectly,” Milaszekski said.

This day was especially exciting for Milaszekski, who was the editor in chief of this year’s book.

“It was one of the coolest feelings ever to have something that started off with such a tiny idea and you put so much work and effort and tears into it and having people being excited to open it up and look through it made it all worth it,” Milaszekski said.