The Future Builders of Lake Central


A program from Hoosier Girl’s State is displayed with an American flag. The government camp at Trine University emphasized a love for God and country.

Samantha Szewczyk

With another Independence Day that has come and gone, the future of America is a valid concern. With the political commotion that only seems to get more and more intense, the very ideals of America are at risk. I find some of the answers to this issue in Hoosier Girl’s State.

Hoosier Girl’s State is a week-long camp in June sponsored by American Legion Auxiliary, a branch of the American Legion for women. Around 400 of the best upcoming seniors in Indiana are selected to create city, county and state governments.

Unlike the crude bashing of opponents commonly seen in the real world, Hoosier Girl’s State was a breath of fresh air. The political atmosphere was charged with positivity and encouragement instead of hostility.  Girls challenged herself to be more than what she was at home. Girl’s State was a place where politicians could build each other up instead of tear each other down.

The delegates from Lake Central thrived in this uplifting atmosphere. Jaskiran Kaur (12) was elected Lieutenant Governor, the second highest position in the whole Hoosier Girl’s State government. Jasmine Reyes (12) and Katie Rusiniak (12) were voted Good Citizens, an award for those who embrace the sisterhood and friendship of their city. Those who did not get an award were also changed, one of the most vital lessons being able to grow from success as much as from failure. These ladies will be part of the movers and shakers at Lake Central because each one has learned how vital she is to the community.

From the ladies that attended Hoosier Girl’s State, I learned that the future of politics is promising. I learned how girls that have only known each other for a week can bond quickly and how quickly a girl can rise up and be who she is meant to be in an uplifting environment. They helped to build an  opportunity online. As the United States celebrates its 241 anniversary, I can say that the future of America is in safe hands. The future of politics is here, and it is female.