Rushing In


Frida Arellano (10) and Jade Mehock (10) prepare hot dogs for lunch. Arellano and Mehock were volunteers at the rush.

Lauren Wisniewski

A new class of freshmen is claiming the halls of Lake Central. The new group of students for the class of 2021 began their high school journey at freshman rush on Aug. 8. The new peer mentorship program led the rush and met their new mentoring groups.

“It is helpful to have a mentor because they can show you around and help you meet new people, [but] the building is still terrifying because it is really big and I’ve never been here,” Emily Barnett (9) said.

Freshman rush started at 10 a.m. and ended at 2 p.m. and consisted of activities such as building tours, lunch and a scavenger hunt. Multiple clubs and other groups also set up tables near around the library to recruit new members and explain the new groups that high school offers.

“[The freshmen] got really excited knowing the little things that they didn’t know and where things were at. They understand the school better [now],” Alex Hernandez (12) said.

Aside from familiarizing themselves with the school, freshman also got the opportunity to meet their new peer mentors and the students in their mentoring groups.

“I think [having a mentor] did benefit them in a way and I wish I would have had [a mentor] because it would have made my freshman year easier just knowing the school better and being more comfortable around people,” Hernandez said.