Foster the People Review


Bailey Lewis

On July 21, Foster the People released their third studio album Sacred Hearts Club.

The sound of this album has strayed far from the sound of their previous two albums:  Torches (2011) and Supermodel (2014). Before the album was released, the band said that the album would have a lot of psychedelic and ‘60s influence to it. Sacred Hearts Club incorporates more fast-paced beats, echos, and electronic sounds.

Before releasing the album, the band released an EP, III, that featured “Pay the Man,” “SHC,” and “Doing it for the Money.”  They later released the singles “Loyal Like Sid and Nancy” and “Sit Next to Me.”

This album has landed on the US Billboard 200s chart and currently stands at #47. On the US Top Alternative Albums, it stands at #8.

Foster the People is currently on a tour of North America for the album and recently played at Chicago’s Lollapalooza.