Clicking Through Class


The Indiana Online Academy website sits open on a computer. IOA was a program started by the Central Indiana Education Service Center.

Hannah Hill, Author

Although summer marks a break from school for some students, others continue learning using online school.

Indiana Online Academy (IOA) is a website that allows high school students from Indiana to earn credits that contribute to the completion of their high school careers. The website has over 50 courses students can take during a designated time period that requires them to finish their course work and take the final for the course in a number of weeks.

While some courses the academy offers require more work to be finished than others, if the student balances his or her amount of coursework with the amount of time they’re given correctly, finishing the course on time shouldn’t be an issue.

Unlike in a regular classroom setting, students can’t talk to their teachers face-to-face. While this may seem like an inconvenience to some, students can easily communicate with their teachers through email, texts or phone calls during their teacher’s office hours.

Though it can feel unconventional for some to work and learn online, IOA’s structure makes it easy to use so students are able to receive the credits they want in a way that’s different than what many are used to.