Starting over


Max Galocy (11) sends the ball back over the net. Galocy has played for the Indians for three years.

Faith Huenecke, Author

After losing many players from last year, the boys tennis team took a hard loss to Highland, which had not lost any of their players, on Aug. 23 at Highland.

“Highland’s team from last year was really good, and they did not lose anyone. That already put them in a good position to win,” Mathew Matakovic (12) said.

Since many of the top players of the team graduated, several players changed positions or moved up in the rankings.

“It was a big change for doubles. In singles you only have to worry about yourself, [but] in doubles, you constantly have to make sure that your partner knows what you are doing at all times and react accordingly,” Mathew Matakovic (12) said.

Not having those graduated players was not the only thing that lead to the defeat. There were several other factors that played out.

“We lost because the team just wasn’t ready for that match we just looked tired and ultimately Highland looked like the better team,” Max Galocy (11)

Although the team lost, the Indians were able to enjoy a proud moment.

“One of my favorite moments yesterday was watching our number one player beat Highland’s number one,” Max Galocy (11) said.