Close call for JV volleyball


Samantha Hurubean (10) and Jessica Toberman (10) cheer after they win the game. The girls had a bunch of smiles when they won the game against Chesterton.

Meghan DeChene, Author

Thursday, Aug. 24, the JV volleyball team defeated Chesterton with a score of 26-25. Even though the lady Indians beat Chesterton, they had a close call during the second set beating the Trojans by only one point.

“In the first game [we could have] not made so many errors and not to fall so behind so it wasn’t so tight. Just so we could have won by more than one point,” Maddie Bailey (10) said.

Even with the reputation as the best in the area, the Indians still have to work hard on and off the court to prove they dominate.

“We’re one of the best JV teams in the area. I mean we look good on paper, but you still have to go play the matches. Sometimes when you play the matches, things happen that you don’t expect or maybe you didn’t play the greatest that night. I think if we can keep working hard that we could win [the Duneland Athletic Conference],” Head coach Chris Timberg, said.

Despite the need for improvement, the girls controlled the court and dominated the game.

“I’m definity really proud of our team because we started out strong, and then we really didn’t do the best that we could. At the end of both sets can came back and we dominated,” Madeline Chiabai (10) said.

The next game will be on Aug. 29, against the Crown Point Bulldogs at 5 p.m.