The start of the season


Lake Central and Chesterton are shaking hands and introducing one another their game. The coaches were said their names as they introduced each other.

Hailey Strug

The boys’ varsity and JV team both played Chesterton on Aug. 28. The boys played a challenging match against Chesterton with a loss of 0-5.

“I wasn’t playing to the best of my ability. It was just a bad day,” Ammaar Mohammed (11) said.

Many players had either a close win or just a bad game that they couldn’t do anything about. It is still the beginning of the season for them so they weren’t worried.

“My serves were better today than usual, so I put up a good fight against a good opponent,” Nick Firlej (10) said.

Lake Central put up a good fight against Chesterton, but had a hard time going all they way. Many of the players were proud of themselves for still doing a good job during the game.

“Doubles [ are my favorite] because you get to play with another person,” Jake Chen (9) said.

Double are played with two opponents form each team. Doubles are more fun because there’s someone else there and they can help encourage the other person.