Review on “It”


The Losers are standing off to the side covered in mist, as “It” stands in the background with his red balloon. It was released in theatres on Thursday, Sept. 7. Photo credit to Pinterest.

Emily Bell, Media Chief

Red balloons, Pennywise the Dancing Clown and your worst fear. In a remake movie, based off of Stephen King’s chilling novel, “It” keeps the people forever scared of clowns. A group of 13-year-old kids, “the Losers”, in Derry, Maine, are living in a corrupt town of a long list of missing person cases. Kids of all ages are being taken and never found again.

The whole town is connected by sewer pipes, where “It”, or Pennywise the Dancing Clown, lives and dwells. “It” torments his victims by creating their worst fears evolve in front of them.  Pennywise vibes off the fear of young children and uses it against them to lead or drag them into the sewer pipes.

Unlike some horror movies, “It” has a strong plot line that follows a missing person’s case of Georgie Denbrough. His brother Bill misses him and has not stopped looking for him since he went missing in October of 1988.

In the summer of 1989, Bill and his group of friends start their search for Georgie and other missing children. As the search goes on, they welcome three new members to the Losers.  During this search, the entire group continues to run from their fears.

Finally at the end of the movie, the Losers have built up their courage and are ready to end Pennywise’s rain of torment on children in Derry. All members of the group are tested on their fear in the final fight, and each one of them overcame their fear as it was only inches from their faces.

As “It” falls to the ground in the last moment of his life, he disappears into a large, deep pipe. Since the group does not know whether he will return or not, they make a pact. If children start to disappear again, they will all come back to Derry and deal with “It” again. This leads into Chapter Two, where the group will return as adults.

This movie has been one of the scariest films I have ever seen. I believe in Chapter Two there will be even more horrific events including the older versions of the kids facing their new, first-world fears. This will draw a large audience to fill the theatre just like Chapter One.