Q&A: Joy Vera Palma (11)


Joy Vera Palma (11) lives in U.S. after moving from Chile. Vera Palma moved here in 2014.

Jared Carroll

Q: When did you move here?

A: [I moved here] Aug. 5, 2014.


Q: Why did you move here?

A: Economy, mostly, [Chile is a] third world country. [Life] doesn’t go very well there. Monetary wise, not that good.


Q: How is it different living here?

A: There’s more opportunities [and it’s] easier to be something important. Education is way above than what it was in my country. It was very different and I feel like I learn better here. There is more to learn.


Q: Is there anything you would want to bring here from Chile?

A: My family; I would love that.


Q: Is there anything you wish was in Chile?

A: No, nothing.


Q: Who did you come here with?

A: My grandfather. I wish he would come back with me. He played a role in my life, he filled [in] for my father because he wasn’t there. He was like my father, my paternal figure.


Q: Did you bring anything with you?

A: No. Absolute nothing. Just my clothes.


Q: Do you like being here? Why?

A: Yeah, I like it here. People are nicer here than in Chile. I got back that feeling of trust that I didn’t have back in Chile, that I lost with the years. I got it back when I got here because [there are] more understanding people, people who actually care. When in Chile people only cared about yourself basically [you are] selfish. I got that back.


Q: Is there anyone you wish was with you here besides your grandpa?

A:  My mom.


Q: How long did it take you to adjust to being here?

A: About a year and a half.


Q: Would you ever want to go back? Why?

A: Not for good but for vacations for sure. To see my family, to see how they are doing and to see whats up.


Q: Why wouldn’t you want to go back for good?

A: The living in there is not good. People are not the same, people are just meaner and unless it’s your family there is no one to stick for, no one to actually trust. You can’t go outside without fear there. So thats kind of a factor that make me not want to go back for good.