Q&A: Meghan Earl (12)


College applications are waiting to be filled out. Many students have started applying to colleges for early administration or to widen their college choices.

Brianna Sarkisian, Author

Q: How does it feel to be finishing high school and applying to colleges?

A: [It feels] scary but wonderful at the same time.


Q: Are you graduating early and starting college in January or did you just want an early start on applying to colleges?

A: I just wanted to get an early start [applying to colleges] so I have decisions put out for me.


Q: What do you plan on majoring in?

A: [I plan on majoring in] biology and pre-med to be a doctor.


Q: Which college(s) is your top pick?

A: [My top picks are] University of Indianapolis and Valparaiso University.


Q: What colleges have you applied to?

A: [I’ve applied to] University of Indianapolis, Ball State University, University of Louisville and Valparaiso University.


Q: Have you heard back from any colleges yet?

A: So far I got into Ball State and Louisville.