Q&A: Pat Cobban, Bowling Coach


The Lake Central Boys Bowling team stands together for a picture taken by one of the parents. Lake Central won this tournament against multiple other high school bowling teams.

Ricardo Paz

Q: What do you do for LC?

A: I am the coach for the Lake Central boys varsity bowling team.


Q: How long have you been coaching for the boys bowling team?

A: I have been coaching and helping out for 10 years


Q: Within your 10 years of coaching, what have you loved about it that kept you coming back?

A: The great group of boys that come to this program and the ones that have really never bowled before, they come back the following year, they love it. You meet some really nice people.


Q: Before coaching bowling, were you a bowler yourself?

A: Yes. When I was younger I was on a youth league like most of the kids are now. When I got older I was in adult leagues, so yes, I’ve been bowling before I got into coaching.


Q: Do you have a job outside of coaching?

A: Yes, I do. I’m a plumber.


Q: How long have you been a plumber?

A: Thirty one years old.


Q: If you could choose an occupation within bowling, for instance, becoming a coach for a job, would you do that?

A: Yeah, I would definitely be interested in coaching a college team or something like that.