Q&A: Elly Gross (12)


The Colorado State University campus sits in Fort Collins, Colo. Last year, the population was approximately 32 thousand students.

Brittney Howell, Author

Q: What college did you get into?

A: I got into Colorado State University in Fort Collins, Colo.


Q: Was it your first choice?

A: Yes, Colorado State is my dream school!


Q: Did you feel confident about getting in? What was your initial reaction when you found out?

A: Yes, I felt confident. I picked schools to apply to that were in my reach. I first saw it in an email, not a letter through the mail, and I instantly felt a feeling of relief, joy and overwhelming happiness. I literally could not stop smiling for the entire day. It was the best feeling ever.


Q: How did your family react?

A: My family was so extremely happy for me, and so proud that I pursued my goal and achieved it.


Q: Are you intimidated by the school at all?

A: No, I always had the intentions of going away to school to experience a new life with new people. Colorado is a familiar place to me, so going there gets me that more excited.


Q: What advice would give to students who are applying to school soon that may be nervous?

A: The more and more you read and research about a school, the more the nervousness will change into excitement. The earlier you get your applications done and over with, the sooner your goal will turn into a reality.