Pep session victory


Students are surprised as Drew Testa (12) sprays them with water. It was over 80 degrees out at the pep session.

Danica Mileusnic, Author

Pumped up for the Homecoming game, Lake Central students shouted in the stands at the third fall pep session on the football field. With scorching heat at temperatures over 90 degrees, students had to endure hot weather during the event.

“The events were fun. It was fun because you get to see all of your friends and the events they put out were really cool,” Angelina Mansour (9) said.

The pep rally was planned by Lake Central’s Athletic Leadership Council. This council helps promote school spirit and plans in-school athletic activities including the three pep rallies taking place this year.

“I think the planning went well and everyone was really involved. I was excited to be able to plan something as big as the homecoming pep rally and I was really looking forward to that,” Mia Rinaldi (11) said.

Ryan Voss (12), Bailey Fehrman (11) and Michael Pucci (11) led the Lake Central student section through the events of the pep rally. These events consisted of a tricycle race, staff-student softball game and staff-student dodgeball game.

“Just thinking about [hosting in front of the whole school] is nerve-wracking, but I think once we all found out we were doing it together it was a lot easier,” Fehrman said.

The students of Lake Central enjoyed pumping each other up through pep music played over the speakers. The football team engaged in a sing along in the stands. The homecoming game is tonight beginning at 7 p.m.

“Obviously, it’s like 100 degrees outside and not a lot of people wanted to be out there. I feel like if we made it fun for them, they would actually want to be outside and have fun,” Fehrman said.