Anticipated awards


Alex Tarnowski (11) helps conduct his peers in The Tribe of Pride. Megan O’Donnell (12) was the main Drum Major.

Ashley Robinson, Author

As the football players fled from the field on Friday, Sept. 22, the student section began to buzz with anticipation. The long-awaited winners of Homecoming King and Queen would be announced during half time.

“I’m feeling pretty great. It’s been a really hype night. I’m not that concerned if I won. I’m just honored to be on the court, and I’m really happy with all of the other nominees,” Courtney Rhomberg (12) said.

The half-time game began with a performance from the Tribe of Pride and the Color Guard. Students were not at all hesitant to show the same amount of support for their band as they did for the football team.

“Honestly, I have never taken the time to watch a halftime performance. However, Friday night, I did. It was tremendous to see how much effort the band and color guard put forth to put on a show [for] the crowd. The student section is starting to notice their effort and is responding in a respectful and supportive manner,” Kailey Lessentine (11) said.

At the announcement of the Homecoming Queen and King, the student section erupted with cheers and applause. As many students had predicted, Joy Wozniak (12) and Kyle Kujawa (12)  won the titles with excitement.

“I’m happy. I [have] nice friends. Thank you for [voting] for me,” Wozniak said.