Switching up serves


The freshman girls stand ready as they battle Portage. Katherine Mahoney (9) spiked the ball over the net into the hands of Portage players.

Mia Brann

At 5 p.m. on Sept. 26, the freshman girls volleyball team filled the upstairs gym with energy as they rallied Portage at home. Keeping the lead for the entire match, the girls had solid spikes and tight volleys that kept Portage sweating.

“I think we played pretty well. [Portage is] in our conference, so we play them twice. Competitively, our first or second [set was the best] because after the first game we just had fun putting everyone in different positions,” Isabella Wylie (9) said.

Ending the first set 25-6 Indians, the girls continued to lead during their two remaining sets. With only two more games before the tournament, the girls were playing with enthusiasm and enjoying the game.

“I’m usually libero or set. I play a lot of positions and it depends on how I’m doing during warm up. Today it was really fun doing libero because I got a lot of good passes,” Gabrielle Sandoval (9) said.

The missed spikes and balls bumped out were errors that held Portage back against their strong opponents. Although the Indians were not free from error, their tough digs and dives brought the victory home.

“We can improve on talking because we’re not really good at that and we let a lot of balls fall, but otherwise we played pretty [well],” Sandoval said.