Tearing away the victory


The Lady Indians gather around one final time on the LC field as a team. The team was very emotional prior to the game showing many tears as seniors walked down the field.

Kristen Mirabelli, Author

Girls varsity soccer beat Lowell High School 4-2. It was senior night and it was the last time seniors would ever play on the Lake Central field.

“Senior Night is really tough on myself and the players. I have been playing with these girls for four years, and I have watched us all grow up. We spend a lot of time together whether it is practicing, conditioning, or playing the game. These girls are like my sisters,” Alexis Munoz (12) said.

The seniors tried their hardest to make this last home game count. The time was 31:48 when the Lady Indians scored their first goal. The team they continued to push forward as they scored another two goals making the score 3-1 at halftime.

“There is a lot of pressure to win this game. In the first half we had one objective, and that was to get to the Lowell’s net and keep scoring goals because it was the last time we would be on this field as a team. During half time, a lot of the parents (including my own) were chanting for us to keep pushing because they knew how important this game was to us,” Lauren Bulf (12) said.

At halftime, the team was called in by Coach Shawn Thomas to form a huddle. Coach Thomas said to the team how important it is to make second count and how much he has appreciated working with them. Some members of the team were seen shedding a few tears. The team did one last chant on the field and they were back on the field.

“We were driven to make our coach, family, and ourselves proud and to make this last home game memorable. We were frustrated at first because Lowell had scored two goals [making the score 4-2] and they still had a lot of time left to score more goals. I think we talked effectively to one and another which helped contribute to our win,” Alexis Munoz (12) said.

After the game, the Lady Indians went into the cafeteria to have desserts and reminisce about all their four years of being on the team.