Breaking through the sets


Kaylee Marovich (12) focuses on the current set and prepares herself for the next volley. She bent down into her stance and prepared herself.

Emily Bell, Media Chief

As the Lake Central Girls Volleyball Team took on the Portage Indians, the team was faced with a challenge.

After winning the first set, but losing the second, Lauren Stearns (12) had some doubts, but was confident in her team.

“I feel a little disappointed in the fact that we played so well in the first game, then came out the second game and just didn’t try as hard as we could and I’m just glad that we came out the third and fourth set ready,” said Stearns (12).

Throughout the game, Stearns encouraged her teammates. Even though they lost the second and fourth set, she was proud of how her teammates worked together and it made her feel successful.

“Pulling through at the end, that’s definitely a big part and I really, it makes me feel good and it makes us feel like we worked a lot harder and just it’s an accomplishment,” said Stearns.

Coach Matt Clark also felt like the game was a successful win for the team. The team has recently played many games in the past week, and [Coach] Clark felt they came out a little slower than he would have prefered. In the end he was happy with the win and how the team fought.

“It was definitely a hard fought battle, five games. We’ve played a lot of games in the last 10 day, so we came out a little bit slower as what I would like to see, but Portage played solid, we played solid, so it was a good match overall,” said Clark.