Bumpy roads lead to a spike in teamwork


Lily Robinson (9) prepares to spike the volleyball. Robinson followed the ball and prepared to jump.

Kieran Newton

The JV girls volleyball team faced off against Portage on Sept. 26 and won both matches.

“I think the game went well and we definitely didn’t give up. We didn’t stoop down to the other team’s level, which we have done in the past. I’m really proud of us for keeping it together as much as we did,” Madeline Chiabai (10) said.

The girls worked as a team to conquer the Portage Indians.

“I think we played as a team and didn’t really get upset with each other. Everyone called the ball and everyone did their best,” Chiabai said.

The teams had faced off earlier in the season.

“We actually played [Portage] earlier in the season and it was a really close game. We almost lost to them, and I thought that we did really good keeping them down so much compared to how we did in the past,” Chiabai said.

Although the team has struggled with their dynamic before, they are now working together better and learning how to be an intimidating opponent.

“I think that for a little while we were not doing our best. I think we got out of issues and are starting to come back up again and build ourselves up and are playing just as good as we know we can, and even better,” Chiabai said.

Throughout the season, the girls have had difficulties with remaining strong in the face of competition, but have grown to keep their strength.

“I think we’re a very strong team and sometimes we don’t play up to our potential. I think we definitely did tonight by keeping the game low-scoring for the other team instead of letting them get the best of us,” Chiabai said.

The girls have formed a close bond with their team members and work together well.

“I think that we play pretty well as a team. I don’t think there’s anyone out there who’s really playing for themselves. I think that everyone is pretty good as a team player and not just worrying about themselves and being selfish,” Chiabai said.