Q&A: Mrs. Banashak, Mathematics


Mrs. Megan Banashak, Mathematics, poses next to her Indiana University banner. Indiana University was the college she graduated from.

Morrissa Chinn

Q: What part of Texas did you live in?

A: We lived in Houston, TX.


Q: How long have you lived in TX?

A: I lived there for a year, my husband was there for two years. I traveled back and forth a lot.


Q: What year did you move to Indiana?

A: I grew up in Indiana, but I moved to Texas in the summer of 2016, then we moved back to Indiana in the summer of 2017.


Q: Why did you move to Indiana?

A: My husband got a promotion for work and it was an opportunity we couldn’t pass up, so we moved back.


Q: Do you miss living in Texas?

A: Yes; I loved the hot weather in TX. A lot of our friends live there so we miss them. We also lived downtown Houston, so I miss living in a big city.


Q: Were you a teacher before you moved? What classes did you teach?  

A: Yes I taught for three years at Highland High School and I taught one year at Willowridge High School in Houston. [I taught] Algebra 1, Algebra 2, Geometry and Precalculus.


Q: Do you ever plan to move back to TX?

A: We would love to move back to TX one day, but it would not be until later in life. Now that we are back near family and life-long friends, we appreciate being home. It will also be nice to be near family when we do have children.


Q: Do you have family living there right now?

A: No family in Texas. Both mine and my husband’s parents and siblings live in the area.


Q: How is TX any different from IN?

A: TX is a lot different, it is warm year round down there, no snow in Houston and we didn’t have a “winter” last year, I believe the coldest day was in the mid 40’s. People are extremely friendly in Texas and all have southern accents.


Q: Did you have any relatives that were affected by Hurricane Harvey?

A: We have no family there, but some of my old students and good friends were affected by Harvey. We went back a few weekends ago and it was so sad to see all the devastation. The flood waters hit Houston the worst and many people lost everything. When driving down the street there are just piles of debris and trash from people having to demo their homes. Our friends who were not affected helped with demo, volunteered at shelters and donated items to those in need.  


Q: What is one thing you miss the most about TX?

A: The warm weather, I miss being able to spend my weekends by the pool. I also miss living in the city and being within walking distance to good restaurants, dog parks and our friends lived close.