Beauty Trends of 2017


(left) Michelle Okwara (12) sits in Forensics wearing her gold cuffs, (right) Sabina Solarczyk (11) posed in this shot wearing her fishnets under her ripped jeans.

Amariah Burgess, Author

What a year, it is flying by so quickly. Before it slips away here are some of the trends this year has brought. The first trend is hair jewelry. This enticing look, usually seen on braids, twists or faux locs has spread throughout the country.

Known as cuffs, these flirtatious pieces of jewelry give off a look of a goddess. Following this trend is the much loved ripped jeans. This fun edgy clothing is bringing the ‘90s back. This trend has bloomed into a captivating style of clothing and handfuls of students are getting in trend to experience this edgy piece of clothing.

Personally, I haven’t gotten my braids in yet but I will soon. I love these, I actually have some that I am dying to wear with my ripped jeans and a bomber jacket I got from Forever 21.

What better way to pair ripped jeans than with a pair of fishnets. From flappers and showgirls in the 1920s to the 21st century, fishnets have really come a long way. The fashion industry has brought back this old trend and put their own twist on it. Pairing the fishnets with a pair of ripped jeans or an A-line skirt, the fashion industry took a provocative piece of clothing and made it a fashionable mainstream accessory.