Spreading love in Campus Life


Tyler Domingo (11), Nicole Gesiakowski (12) and Joe Anthony Pacheco (11) ask each other questions about themselves. Campus Life members were playing a game of Bingo.

Morrissa Chinn, Author

On Tuesday, Oct. 24, a Campus Life meeting was held in the cafeteria. Campus Life is a club where students have the opportunity to connect with each other, meet new friends, and play games together.

“My definition of Campus Life would be that it’s a club where we play games and there’s music and food. It’s nice to gather with friends and have a nice time,” Brianna Thomsen (11) said.

Along with playing games and having fun, Campus Life members also meet in small groups with their group leaders and have talks about new topics every week.

“I feel safe and comfortable to talk about what the topic is. I feel like I have a voice,” Thomsen said.

Most of the group leaders are adults who got involved in Campus Life years ago and brought it to Lake Central.

“My cousin started campus life years back and she invited me as a student, and it impacted my life greatly.  And I wanted to be able to show the same love that I was shown and make people feel loved and help show them their worth and purpose as well as introduce them to God, who loves them unconditionally. So I started out as a volunteer and now I’m on staff,” Becca Niehof, group leader, said.

The students have the opportunity to build relationships with their group leaders so they feel comfortable enough to discuss what is going on in their lives.

“To me, Campus Life isn’t just a club that meets on Tuesdays. Campus Life is something bigger. It’s a place where people can belong, fit in, feel loved, be themselves, find purpose and find a family. Campus Life is a place to find yourself, and find new relationships with other students, the leaders and God,” Niehof said.