Happy holidays


Many students begin celebrating the festive season right after Halloween. Halloween was just a week ago, but already have moved on to the next major holiday season.

Lauren Wisniewski, Author

With Halloween just passing, the holiday season is fast approaching. The Christmas hype is tempting, but how early is too early to start getting festive?

The holiday season is known to bring joy to many and lift spirits. With winter holiday music playing on the radio, local stores stocking up on holiday decor and dropping temperatures, it is beginning to feel a lot like the holidays.

“It’s definitely not too early to get festive. Christmas is a whole season and it needs to be appreciated for a long time. Christmas is the best time of the year,” Sarah Tellas (12) said.

While some see Nov. 1 as the perfect day to starting blaring holiday music and getting in the spirit, others believe it is too soon. Thanksgiving often gets overlooked as a fall holiday due to its lack of festive tradition leading up to the holiday.

“It is too early because we still have Thanksgiving, and you can’t skip a holiday,” Morgan Grudzien (12) said.

Whether the holiday hype is already prevalent or waiting in the wings, it’s all about personal preference and the joy whatever holiday one celebrates brings to him or her.