Review on “Boo 2! A Madea Halloween”


Madea is holding a baseball bat and ready to attack any of her attackers. Boo 2 was released in theaters on Friday, Oct. 20. Picture credit to IMBd.

Madelyn Niewaiadomski, Author


Madea was a fan favorite ever since the first ‘Boo! A Madea Halloween’ movie came out. Her humor had captivated thousands of people, all wanting more from Madea, and the crowd gets what the crowd wants.

In ‘Boo 2! A Madea Halloween’, Tiffany, the main character, sneaks behind her father’s back and goes to a frat Halloween party to celebrate her eighteenth birthday. The party is held at Derrick Lake in the middle of the woods where a couple years earlier, 14 teenagers were found dead. Tiffany’s father finds out about Tiffany’s plans and decides to teach her a lesson by scaring all the kids and pretending to be a masked murder with the help of some of his friends.

The movie did a fantastic job on combining both aspects of comedy and horror. The only horror scenes presented were pop-up scares, but after every scare you were left cracking up with laughter right after. Most of the comedy was surrounded by the way the characters reacted to the killers, in a more realistic way than characters in other horror movies.

The movie is a great movie to enjoy and relate to with friends. Many of the family conversations in the movie were comedic conversations you’d have with your very own families in real life, which makes the movie all the more enjoyable. However, I will say that this may be an awkward movie to watch with the family for there was a good amount of curse words and inappropriate language presented, most of it contributing to the comedic aspect of the movie. Although, if you want a good laugh, ‘Boo 2! A Madea Halloween’ is the movie to watch.