Food or foe?


Miranda Prowse(10), Nicholas Firlej(10), and Alexander Miller-Swain(10) sit at a lunch table. They sit here everyday for the school year.

Claire Faberbock, Copy Editor

Every day, students come together to eat lunch during their school day. These lunches are either hated or loved. Students are not afraid to voice their opinion about the school’s food.

“I wish they didn’t have food that comes out of a plastic wrapper and gets heated up in a microwave,” Brian Scott (9) said.

The big debate is whether or not to bring a home lunch to school. There are many challenges to this including having enough time to make the food, having food to bring, and keeping it fresh until lunch.  Home lunches, although, can have some positive sides. Bringing your own food could mean that you bring healthier food or food you enjoy more than others.

“I think home lunches are better because you can chose what food you want each day instead of relying on a menu to dictate what you want.  On the other hand, having food made for you is convenient and easy especially when you are running late or even forgot,” Amanda Finley (10) said.

Students have thoughts on what school food is the best and which is the worst.  Some of the top favorite lunches are bosco sticks, pizza, and quesadillas. But, there are areas in the school cafeteria that lack.  Students wish for other options besides the basic school lunch.

“I would want more sandwich options like Panera or Jimmy John’s type sandwiches.  I want something like a sub sandwich, not just plain white bread and various other options,” Finley said.