Enticing sales


Shoppers wait in line for the store to open. The sales brought many people in hopes to find what they need.

Faith Huenecke, Author


Thanksgiving has always been about spending time with family and giving thanks, so the thought of Black Friday, sales starting late at night on Thursday, takes away the purpose of the calendar holiday. Though the sales do seem enticing, people have to pose the question of if they are really worth the wait.

I can admit to being lured into the sales and the hunt, but I often wonder are the sales worth it. There is a high risk of not being able to find the item even if a person has waited in a long line to get into the building.The lines start sometime during the Thursday before when people are supposed to be with family. The hype of getting the good deals takes away from spending time with loved ones.

Although Black Friday is taking over family time, I will still continue to wait in long lines just to get the steals that businesses are releasing. There is a way to balance shopping and family, so individuals should plan ahead with whoever they will be with.