Shooting for the stars


Lauren Ladowski looks for her teammates. Ladowski had been on varsity since her freshman year.

Courtney Rhomberg, Author

The girls varsity basketball team took on Merrillville High School on Friday, Dec. 1. The girls started off with a 6-0 lead in the first quarter. The final score was 58-9.

“I think [the game] turned out well considering we had a rough few games. I think some of the highlights would be running the floor in transition and being tough on defense,” Rachel Robards (12) said.

The girls’ kept the momentum throughout the game and remained confident to keep up the energy.

“The game went really well, we really came together as a team and everyone was unselfish with the ball, so I think that really helped us,” Bailey Ferhman (11) said.

Since it’s early in the season, the team has time for improvement and success.

“Something I can [personally] improve for the rest of the season is to keep working hard, practice harder so we can all be more prepared for the games and encouraging my teammates to make them better,” Ferhman said.

Although the lady indians have had a rocky start to their season, they hope to stabilize their game play.

“I think we have a pretty good chance to do big things, we just have to stay focused and locked in,” Robards said.