Q&A: Mrs. Maureen Yaeger, Art


Mrs. Maureen Yaeger, Art, stands in front of the art case in the hallway. This case was filled with art student’s previous projects.

Morrissa Chinn, Author

Q: What made you realize you wanted to pursue a career in art?

A: So, I was going to college to become an art therapist, and about my junior year, I guess our parents weren’t as involved as your parents might be as this generation. I know I’m involved in my kids education they really weren’t like guiding me as much as I might be guiding my children. It’s nothing against my parents, it’s just generations are different, and it was about my junior year when I realized, “When am I gonna start taking these art therapy classes?” So, when I asked the guy, and he knew all along that’s what I was going to college for, and he was like, “Well you don’t do that, you gotta get a masters for that.” Halfway through my junior year and it was like “What?” Yeah, you gotta find a college, so I did a little research and there weren’t a lot of places offering it and at that point I was just like “Okay so what can I really do with the classes that I’ve taken.” Education was the next closest thing. So, I ended up here by default, but I’m so glad I did because I love it.

Q: What year did you start working at LC?

A: I started here in 1992.

Q: When did you bring Art Club to LC?

A: Art Club has always been here, I just inherited it probably in 1997 or ‘98 when the other teacher was kind of done with it.

Q: How do you feel about the little amount of recognition LC gives to the art department?

A: Well, certainly I would like them to acknowledge the kids, the hard work the kids do. I mean they put a lot of time and effort into it. A lot of people think you do art so, “Can you make something for me by tomorrow?” And they don’t understand that it’s a whole process. So, it is disappointing. We try and do everything we can to get the names out there, we fought really hard to get the art gallery so we can put art in there, and we are trying to always get our kids working as many local shows as we can, we partnered last year with Tri-Kappa which is an organization around town. It’s a community that do things to better the community and so last year we did that fine arts fest. They often like to work and they also want other people to appreciate the arts. We are trying to partner with them again this year, we were going to try the Fine Arts fest but it might be having a little change. We just try to do what we can to give the kids recognition.