Dressing up for a new season


New clothing trends are showcased in Forever 21 to attract customers. The store is very popular among high school students.

Jed Burgos, Author

Just like seasons, clothing trends come and go depending on the time of the year it is.

“The way I dress, in my opinion, is unique. Usually, my style is a little different each day. It really depends on my mood or the weather outside,” Taylor Thomas (11).

There are hundreds of different clothing trends that have circulated around the world in 2017. Many of which have been inspired by celebrities and internet icons on YouTube and other social media platforms.

“[The Youtubers] Jess Conte and Zoella Sugg are my biggest inspirations for the way I dress. They’re very fashionable, so if it looks good on them, I’d try it out to experiment different clothing styles on myself,” Yla Caduco (12) said.

Trends can vary greatly from price to price depending on where it is from. Students spend anywhere from a few dollars to hundreds of dollars to buy attire matching the current style.

“My favorite store to shop at is Forever 21. Whenever I go there, they always have really cute, cheap and up-to-date types of clothing. Lately, I’ve been buying a lot of trendy vintage clothes,” Sarimarie Pama (9) said.

Not only do students dress to impress, but the clothes they choose to wear show a glimpse of who they are. Clothing is one of the many things that people use to express their personality.

“[I think that] people follow fashion trends to blend in with society while also sticking with their own sense of style. Looking at other people’s outfits are not only fun to look at, but also gives me the inspiration and motivation to try new things,” Caduco said.