Q&A: Paityn Emro (12)


Paityn Emro (12) poses with an American Flag. Emro held it to represent her patriotism as she joins the Air Force.

Brittney Howell, Author

Q: What branch of the military are you joining?

A: I am joining the United States Air Force.


Q: When did you realize you wanted to join the Airforce?

A: (I realized) a few months ago. One of my best friends is in the Air Force and she loved it. She told me a lot about it. I learned about all the benefits you get joining. Overall, my main reason was the idea of serving our country and how it is a huge honor.


Q: When do you leave for basic training?

A: I am supposed to leave for basic military training near the end of January. There is no specific set date yet.


Q: What position would you like to have in the Air Force?

A: I would like to be a linguist. This will require me to learn fluent Arabic. This will take about two years of training. My job will be to listen in on specific conversations and report back what I hear.


Q: How has your family reacted to your decision?

A: My family has been super supportive about it. I come from a very strong military-based family. Even though no one in my family has served before, my dad and I have always talked about me joining one day since I was little. Overall, they’re super proud of me for serving our country.


Q: What would you say to others thinking about joining the military?

A: Don’t join if you are not 100 percent devoted to the idea. If you aren’t completely devoted and you end up on the frontline, you’re going to end up in a lot of trouble for yourself.