Splashing to victory


Michael Perich (10) takes a breath as he swims his first of many events against Highland. Perich started swimming freshman year and made it to varsity his sophomore year.

Hannah Kosinski, Director of Public Relations

Thursday, Nov. 30, the boys varsity swim team conquered the Highland Trojans. The final score was 105-80.

Being on the boys varsity swim team means going to a lot practices. The boys go to morning and after school practice every day, except Wednesdays and one Saturday practice on the weekend.

“Practices are tough, especially now this year. [Coach is] pushing us really hard because he wants us to be really good. It’s a lot of work but it’s worth it in the end,” Joshua Burton (10) said.

“It’s hard, I usually wake up, swim, go to school, then go to swim again, then you go home. It’s very tiring.” Christian Mersereau (10) said.

In addition to the practices, many of the boys on varsity have been working towards making it into Sectionals. To be able to compete in sectionals the boys have to be one of the top 13 people on the team.

“Right now, I’m currently just trying to get through practices and drop some time, as much as I can, before Sectionals and keeping my spot so I can do better than I did last year.” Jacob Brazzale (12) said.

The team members think they are doing good this season and have high hopes for the remainder of it, despite any setbacks.

“As a team we are doing well even after all the people we lost during the off-season. The swim meets have been great, I believe there is a lot of potential for the team. All we need to do is put in the work and race.” Mersereau said.