Diving into a win


The varsity swimmer races to the end of the race. He used a lot of muscle to swim as fast as he could.

Angelika Trybunia, Author

Lake Central boys varsity swim team took a win against Highland High School. With hardwork and dedication the boys received a score of 105-80.

“It’s tough, high schools a lot more work than age group swimming; two-a-day practices, long days, it’s a lot of work, but it’s definitely worth it,” Joshua Burton (10) said.

Most of the swimmers started swimming in middle school, while some of the swimmers just started freshman year.

“I first started swimming in middle school. I did a little bit of the age group swim club for the barracudas but I never really got into it hardcore and focused on until freshman year,” Jacob Brazzale (12) said.

Although these swimmers are good at what they do, they still run into challenges. Each individual swimmer has goals he wants to achieve.

“I’m working on getting my times down so I’m able to swim at sectionals this year. You just have to be the top 13 people on the team, you’re kind of racing against the people on your team to get better times,” Christian Mersereau (10) said.

Swimming isn’t always just about the swimmer. The boys also bond throughout the team.

“What I love about the team is that we spend a lot of time together, we do a lot of bonding. Before meets we go out to dinner and after meets and on the weekends we go out to get breakfast. I think we’re all really close,” Michael Perich (12) said.