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Q&A on Michelle Deming

Miss Michelle Deming, Mathematics, teaches geometry and algebra. She previously taught at Kahler Middle School, this is her first year teaching at Lake Central.


Q: What persuaded you to start working at LC?

A: I am getting my masters in math. With my masters I am able to teach dual-credit and AP classes, so I thought if I went to the high school there would be an opening for that eventually, so I am hoping to do that.  The hours are better. I have a class at 3:30. I can’t do that if I’m working until four, getting out at 2:30 is really nice.


Q: What classes do you teach?

A: I have algebra, geometry, algebra lab and geometry lab.


Q: What is your favorite thing about working at LC?

A: Probably the hours [and] it’s nice having more mature kids.


Q: How do you like teaching the topics here?

A: I love algebra, and I like the fact that once we do something it will keep coming back up and we will reuse the same content over and over again, then it will expand.  We’ve been focusing on linear functions, and then we will move on into quadratics, so concepts we do with linear [functions] will then apply into the quadratics which is nice.  Where as the middle school curriculum is disjoint, you’re doing fractions one day, decimals the next, then you’re in polygons. Nothing really goes together. It’s nice to have material that builds throughout the whole year.


Q: What classes did you teach at the middle school?

A: I had sixth grade math and honors geometry.


Q: Is there a big difference between those topics and the ones you teach now?

A: Since I was teaching geometry before, I am familiar with the curriculum. It’s close to being the same, we do a lot more work with equations where sixth grade was more computation based.  Honors geometry is very different than geometry that is not honors because in geometry honors we do [a lot of] proofs, [and] in the regular and lab classes we don’t do proofs nearly as much.

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