G-Eazy Review


G-Eazy’s album “The Beautiful & Damned” plays on a computer. The album was released on Dec. 15.

Jessica Cook, Author

G-Eazy released his third album “The Beautiful & Damned” on Friday, Dec. 15. G-Eazy let out a glimpse of his album on Sept. 8 when he released his first single from the new album “No Limit” featuring A$AP Rocky and Cardi B. Afterwards, he released his second single “Him & I” featuring Halsey. Both singles took over the Top 10.

“The Beautiful & Damned” starts out with the first 10 tracks talking out G-Eazy’s love for partying and the attention that comes with being a young rapper and how good he has it. Also, the first 10 hint to the corrupt lifestyle he may be living and how he will soon regret it all. The beginning tracks are straight to the point hardcore raps that make them each stand out. The second half of his album includes many heartbreaking songs. G-Eazy talks about how his addictions slowly overtake his life and he begins to question his mental state. He talks about how draining it is to be a celebrity and in the spotlight at all times.

G-Eazy collaborates with numerous artists on his album featuring 20 tracks. Artists vary from Charlie Puth to SG Lewis to Kehlani. Various voices are heard on almost each of his soundtracks to convey the entire storyline.

For fans, G-Eazy’s new entire album can be found on Youtube, Apple Music and Spotify for those to listen to.