New Year, New Me?


People celebrate the New Year with a party. Friends and family get together and have a good time at most of these parties.

Hannah Kosinski

The fireworks, the joyful cheers, the clinking of glasses and the colorful streamers. All of those memories are tied to a special day: New Year’s Day. So what is the big deal about New Year’s Day?

For some it means a new hope, second chances and new beginnings. Some see it as a reason to party. Others just view it as one year going and another coming. I think New Year’s Day is a time of celebration and well wishing for the shiny new year.

New Year’s Day is an important day, I think, because it helps people be motivated to do things they’ve wanted to do but haven’t gotten around to doing it yet; like that gym membership or starting to do one’s homework on time.

A common part of New Year’s Day is making resolutions. I believe resolutions are a great thing if it is followed through. When I make my resolutions I try to make them attainable because if I archive them, then I feel better about getting things done and it boosts my motivation for the year, instead of feeling the opposite.

Overall New Year’s Day is a great holiday and I enjoy celebrating it every new year.