A house divided


The United States is best known for being the leading world power. The current President of the country is Donald J. Trump.

Kevin Holechko, Author

2017 was a year of crazy events. The one subject that never fell out of the spotlight was politics. This past year the United States elected a new President. When they say that the President of the United States is the most powerful person in the world they are not kidding. The world looks to the United States for everything, from examples of how to lead, to how to react in defense. They rely on us for aid to their countries. It seems that this past year though the United States fell out of its seat of power. President Trump without a doubt can be named the most controversial President in our time. From day one his administration began throwing out lies and it has only gotten worse. For anyone who follows politics knows that this has not been a regular year or a regular administration. Normally when a cabinet member resigns it is a major deal, but with this administration it is a revolving door.

You have to stop and think: how does America get to something like the 2016 Presidential debate were our only two major options were Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump. For those who try to ignore the problems and blame the other side they are only furthering us into this conflict. The country has become so polarized that we have to hate the other side and believe they are evil. When we forget that they are fellow citizens and instead of fighting and literally shutting down the government they need to learn to compromise. For someone who says it is this party’s fault or this party’s fault they are wrong. The American people only have themselves to blame.

We are the ones who have elected these people. For those who say they didn’t vote at all you are the principal reason why we are in this scenario. This is not a old, middle or young aged persons problem. It is all of our problem.The most basic liberty that we have half the country, let that sink in, half the country. That is 163 million people who do not use this liberty, that liberty being voting. As of 2012, 235 million eligible voters are residing in the United States, that number has most likely increased to a few more million. We are the ones though who elect are these officials, from our local school leaders, all the way up the Senate. They rely on our support to get them to that position. So next time you think I do not like that person in the House or the Senate, or if it is event the President what will you do to change that? Simply put we cannot blame President Trump, Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton or any of our politicians for what is going on in our country. We only have ourselves to blame.