Victory for the Indians


Jacqueline Kosina (9) warms up before the game. This was Kosina’s first year playing for the Indians.

Faith Huenecke, Author

On Tuesday, Jan. 11, the freshman girls basketball team faced Crown Point on their home court. The final score between the A and B games concluded to be 39-15.

“I think it went very well. I think we played well as a team,” Daphne Pistello (9) said.

The girls were determined to win this game against the Bulldogs and were also thinking ahead to going into their next game with a positive attitude.

“We play [in] tournament on Saturday, so we wanted to go into the tournament with a good mood and level of intensity,” Pistello said.

Although the Indians kept the lead for the entire game, the team kept on fighting with the same momentum from the start to finish.

“We definitely looked to put points on the scoreboard,” Pistello said.

Not wanting to step down, the girls continued to build their intensity throughout the game and fought hard until the last buzzer rang to signal the end of the game.

“My favorite part was definitely when the intensity got to its highest point,” Pistello said.