Logan Paul controversy


Logan Paul apologizes in his apology video. Paul has faced major backlash since his original video was posted.

Molly Fischer, Author

When Logan Paul uploaded a Youtube video showing a recent suicide victim in the Aokigahara forest in Japan, many concerns about suicide arose.

After posting the video, a written apology and then an apology video, Logan Paul claimed that he was trying to raise awareness for suicide and mental health. But, is showing a suicide victim the best way to raise awareness? Is making jokes and laughing after coming across a dead body the best way? Was Logan Paul trying to raise awareness or just cover up his tracks after making possibly the biggest mistake of his life?

Youtube has since taken the video down, but not until after Logan Paul’s 15 million subscribers had ample time to view and share the video. Logan Paul also faced backlash almost immediately from the Youtube community and those outside of it as well for disrespecting the victim he filmed and put into his video. He also faced major demonetization and was kicked off of Google’s Preferred list, which the top one to five percent of video creators can receive advertisement deals, which was a blow to his source of income.  

Logan Paul said he wanted to raise awareness, but I can assure you that there are better ways to do so than putting a suicide victim in his video, giving mediocre apologies and then playing the victim.