Indians defeat the Bulldogs


Mikaila Zvyak, Author

The Lake Central girls varsity swimming team defeated Crown Point Tuesday, Jan. 17. The final score was 123-63.

“We have all been training really hard this season, and we were expected to win and we did,” Allison Beilfuss (11) said.

The team’s history with Crown Point caused this meet in particular to be a big deal.

“Going into the meet it was a very big deal because we haven’t beaten Crown Point in a long time. We tied them last year, and it was a big deal for us to beat them by as much as we did,” Maggie DePirro (10) said.

The girls wanted to earn a victory against Crown Point which was stressful beforehand due to last years results.

“Last year we went into it thinking it was going to be really tough and we need to give it our best effort but we were really excited this year being able to see how much we could actually beat them by since they are such a tough team,” DePirro said.

With Sectionals coming up, the team has been focusing on what they could improve on.

“One thing that would be good for us to work on going into Sectionals and out meet against Munster on Thursday would be to improve on our breakouts and being up to par with those,” DePirro said.

The next meet is JV DAC on Saturday, Jan. 20 at Lake Central.