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Q&A: Mia Graziani (11)

Mia Graziani (11) [on the left] is a third year varsity cheerleader. Last year the varsity team went to Disney and they will be attending this year as well.

Q: Where are Nationals taking place at this year?
A: Nationals is being held in Orlando, Florida at the ESPN Wide World Of Sports Center.


Q: What is the name of the competition?
A: The competition is called UCA Nationals.

Q: When are you guys leaving and how many days is the competition?
A: We are leaving on Thursday, February 8. The competition is two days long, Saturday and Sunday.

Q: What division is the team in?
A: We are in the medium high school division.

Q: Did you have to get a bid from another competition for UCA.
A: Yes, you have to go to Regionals, which ours was held at Pendleton Heights High School and receive a certain score or higher in order to get a bid and go to Nationals.


Q: How many camps did you guys go to this year to help prepare you for this year?
A: We did not go to any camps in particular but we have had many experienced UCA coaches and judges come to us to help prepare us for the competition.

Q: Are there any different rules this year than there were last?
A: Not any that I know of.

Q: How do you think your experience last year will help you and the team be better going into the competition
A: We were completely new to this competition last year, being the first LC cheer team to ever go to this competition with this new style of cheerleading. I think being able to experience it last year and get a feel of what it’s really about and how hard you have to work really makes us better prepared. Last year we weren’t as prepared and that showed when we didn’t make it past Prelims so knowing that feeling of defeat we had last year will truly push us to do great things down there this year.


Q: Was there any big changes throughout the season for Nationals?
A: After we finish with state, we had to completely rework our entire routine so it is more “UCA style” which is more like college cheerleading.

Q: What do you think you and the team need to work on more these last couple weeks to make sure you guys hit a perfect routine?
A: We will just really need to put in the time and effort and make sure we have the drive we need so we can succeed and be a good team down there. We need to work on consistency and pushing not only ourselves but each other to make sure we are able to accomplish what we want to.


Q: Besides competing, what are you looking forward to the most?

A: I really look forward to spending time with my teammates. Nothing is more fun than actually getting to travel with these girls and go on the plane and going to all the different Disney parks. Especially sharing a room with some of my closest friends all weekend and making memories that I am going to remember for a really long time.

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