Q&A: Robert Macneill (10)


Holding his team jersey, Robert Macneill (10) shows off his number. Macneill wears his the jersey to his games at Kahler Middle School.

Emily Bell, Media Chief

Q: Can you explain LCYB [Lake Central Youth Basketball]?

A: LCYB is basically basketball with a bunch of friends. It’s just to have some fun and get a little bit of exercise.


Q: Why did you want to play?

A: I wanted to play mostly because a lot of my friends were playing. It’s kind of like a friend gathering with athletics combined.


Q: Do you take the games more seriously or more as time to play with your friends? Why?

A: We all play for fun. They’re not serious at all.


Q: Does playing with your friends help make the games more competitive?

A: I guess a little bit because you don’t want to lose to your friends, so you can say that it is. It gives us bragging rights.


Q: Do you see your team winning the championship game this year?

A: Oh, most definitely. That is not even a question. We work well together as a team.  


Q: Who coaches the teams?

A: Usually just a lot of fathers and some moms. If you don’t have a coach when you begin the game, then one parent from the stands becomes the coach.


Q: Will you play next year? Why?

A: Most definitely because I’m very talented at basketball.  


Q: Do you play other sports? If so, does it conflict with your other sports?

A: Yes, I actually play soccer. Sometimes; not usually.