Dance, dance


Winter Formal is a night for friends and dates to dance and have fun together. N-Teens had planned this night to remember.

Faith Huenecke, Author

On Saturday Jan. 20, students prepared themselves to dance the night away at Winter Formal.

For some, the day started early with getting makeup, hair or nails done. Students spend so much money on all the little details, but by the end of the night everything will not look as good. I feel that you should take advantage and do everything yourself. Find a friend that could help out with your hair or makeup since it will be way cheaper than getting it all done. There are also a plethora of dresses that are cheaper than $100. Guys should buy a suit or tux to reuse for all the dances rather than renting an expensive one. There will always be cheaper options for every dance event.

There was a new DJ which got everyone excited. A playlist was created for song recommendations, and there were several hours worth of songs that could have been played. I personally did not like the music that was played, but the dance floor was always full. It was nice to see that there was a student as the DJ since he tried to please everyone with the music.

The photo booth was a huge hit as well. There was usually a line to the door for students to take group pictures with friends. There was a small selection of options for props, but that did not stop anyone from trying to look goofy.