Power to the Polls


Women march to support rights for equality. In 2017 they marched for their first time in Washington, D.C.

Hailey Strug, Author

On Saturday Jan 20, 2018 thousands of women, men and children marched all over major cities in the US. They marched to promote equality for all people. Many signs were held up in the air with their feelings about many issues happening in the US. Some issues they marched for a change were immigration, racial issues, and healthcare.

The theme for this years march was “Power to the Polls”, where they were trying to promote more women to run for office. The women’s march started last year after Donald Trump was elected as President. His inaugural address was filled with many people promoting issues they had with some of Trump’s views. Women all over decided to march again to promote the same issues they had that might have not changed since he has been president.

Another big new issue that was presented for this march was sexual harassment. Recently many women have been accusing men of harassing in some ways. Many of the men being accused of harassment have been in the entertainment industry causing a spurr of people to talk about the subject. Many people have been trying to talk about the issue trying to promote more awareness of what has been going on.