Pepping through the winter


The varsity cheerleading team hits their pyramid in their Nationals routine. The team will be performing their routine in February at the ESPN Wide World of Sports in Orlando, Fla. for Nationals.

Kiley Szatkowski, Business Manager

The annual winter pep rally was held Friday, Jan. 26 in the gymnasium during PtE class. The events included in the pep rally were the West Lake basketball game, toilet plunger races, the varsity cheerleaders Nationals routine, the Centralette dances and the throwing of T-shirts.

“I would say it went better than a lot of the other ones, like 10 times better. It was insane. I think it is a good time for all of us to get together as one, and then get to find out how our school sports are going,” Angel Vargas (12) said.

As the activities started to happen, the student body began to get more involved with the pep rally. When the West Lake basketball game started, the entire gymnasium was filled with cheers.

“My favorite part about the pep rally was the West Lake basketball game. I feel like the kids had a lot of fun and everyone was cheering them on, so it was a nice time,” Tanja Romic (11) said.

This was the first time the Student Athletic Leader Council planned a winter pep rally. It was also the first time the 2021 class experienced the annual winter pep rally.

“I kind of thought it would be like the same thing as a middle school one. I didn’t think it would be that much different, but I really enjoyed it. [I liked] the high school ones [better],” Kelsey Lavin (9) said.