Q&A: Andrea DeCastro (11)


Andrea DeCastro (11) proudly poses with her Greek Flag. The flag was a gift she received from her mother to hang in her room.

Morrissa Chinn, Author

Q:What Greek traditions do you celebrate that are different?

A: We don’t celebrate the Orthodox Christmas, which is in January, but we do celebrate a different day on Easter which we don’t know when it happens. It changes a certain day like how regular Easter is. It can be in March, April or May.


Q: What kind of authentic Greek food do you and your family make/eat?

A: There’s a Greek food called Gemistes where it’s stuffed peppers and they have brown rice in the middle of it with like ground beef and cooked rice, and there’s Baklava and there’s another lento bean soup that my yiayia makes.


Q: Was anyone in your family born in Greece?

A: My mom’s sister, Smerna, was born in Greece. My mom’s brother, George, was born in Greece and, of course, my yiayia and papou were born in Greece.


Q: Have you ever been to Greece?

A: Yes, once. It was great because I got to visit places like where my family was from like Kalochori in Thessaloniki and I got to visit the villages that they used to live in.


Q: Why are you proud of who you are?

A: I’m proud to be Greek because we’ve been through so much with war and we never backed down.