Planning ahead


Anna Amanatidis (10) is watches the presentation. Her and the rest of the sophomore class gave up their PtE to learn about the schedules for next year.

Isabella Watts, Author

The Lake Central Guidance Department held an assembly for the sophomore class during PtE on Wednesday, Feb. 14. They went over the scheduling requirements and helped to guide students in the right direction.

“It showed me that some classes are more valuable taking because it will help with my career that I want to go to and the career I want to go to,” Lillian Zubeck (10) said.

Another main focus was on the graduation requirements depending on what diploma students are going for.

“It taught me what I need to take in order to get the academic honors diploma,” Annalise Williams (10) said.

There are many different class options for students at Lake Central, and the counselors explained how important it is to challenge yourself with some harder classes.

“I’m excited, I love chemistry so it’s going to be a challenge and I’m super excited about [AP chemistry],” Lillian Zubeck (10) said.

Sophomores can schedule their classes online through Skyward and they are due on Feb. 28.