Q&A: Maya McCants (12)


Maya McCants (12) holding up a St. Baldrick’s shirt. Shirts can purchase during lunch in Main Street.

Meghan DeChene, Author

Q: Why did you decide start the St. Baldricks committee?


A: Last year, doing everything by myself was a lot of work, and I needed help. I asked Mrs. Angela] Ohlenkamp [Mathematics] and the rest of the school if they could help me out and get more support from the school.


Q: How does St. Baldricks affect you outside of school?


A: It helps make me more confident and helps me talk to businesses. [It also helps] with my speaking abilities and my sense of community. It makes me feel like I’m helping out.


Q: How does it make you feel that so many people want to support St. Baldricks?


A: It makes me happy knowing that people know cancer is an issue and you can’t just sit back and let our loved ones suffer. People know we have to do something about it and [people] are taking this cause seriously.


Q: What is your favorite thing about St. Baldricks?


A: The fact that I’m spreading awareness, that people that didn’t know cancer was a big deal or so wide spread. They realise how much cancer does affect people and how connected people are through this one thing.


Q: What are you doing in the club right now?


A: We are selling shirts and wristbands and getting ready for the actual event. We are deciding what groups we are going to have perform during the assembly. [We are also] getting ready for the talent show and trying to set up auditions.


Q: Do you plan on doing anything with St. Baldricks after you graduate?


A: I definitely plan to because before I got to Lake Central I was doing St. Baldricks, and I still want to help out with it even when i’m gone. Maybe I’ll come back to Lake Central and help or shave my head and still show my support even though I’m in college.