Starting up another season


Kelani Benson (12) works out in the weight room preparing for the upcoming track meets. The team’s first meet will be Wednesday, Feb. 21.

Anni Rajput, Author

The girls track season is quickly approaching, and there have been many preparations that have gone into meeting the new goals set for the team.

“[The team] has been meeting four days a week with weight lifting and indoor training. We have conditioned during the off-season and have seen a lot more commitment,” Jasmine Reyes (12) said.

Mr. Ronald Fredrick, English, came back to coach the team again this year. The girls had to focus on a different style of coaching after not having him as a coach the previous year.

“Mr. Fredrick focuses on winning and losing as a team where last year the staff was more focused on individual success rather than the whole group. We have been conditioning since the summer, and Mr. Fredrick’s workouts have prepared me well for the season. I’m in better shape than I was in last year. With Mr. Fredrick back, he can take [our] emotions and turn them into tangible success,” Katelyn Rusiniak (12) said.

As the girls take on this style of coaching again this year, they hope to reach certain accomplishments throughout the season.

“I want the team to win DAC, Sectionals and Regionals and go to State. I expect our team to be great and regain the Sectionals and Regional titles. Our main goal is always competing in the state meet,” Reyes said.

Even though the team is focusing on the team as a whole, there are still individuals that have set goals for themselves to achieve this season.

“I have so many goals. When I was in middle school, I set a goal for myself to long jump 18 feet before I graduated from high school, so I’m looking to achieve that goal this year. Some other goals I have set for this year are to go to State for long jump and 4×100 and throw over 110 in discus,” Rusiniak said.

Seniors on the team have been reflecting their time on the team and are preparing to go into their last season.

“[Going into the last season of track] didn’t hit me until recently that I will be losing a big part of my life. I have such a connection with the girls on the team that I will really struggle leaving them. After four years of working with Mr. Fredrick and my teammates, I have become so used to being with them almost every day. I still am unsure if I will continue the sport in college, so I am worried how I will handle leaving the sport if I choose to do so. Either way, leaving high school track will be hard for me,” Rusiniak said.