Buzzer beating victory


Keon Sellers (12) slam dunks. Sellers started the game center.

Danica Mileusnic, Author

With six seconds remaining, Nicholas Anderson (10) passes the ball to Derek Hobbs (10). Anderson moves through the players and catches the pass. Two, one, he shoots a three-pointer and scores. An unforgettable buzzer beater that will go into history led the Lake Central basketball team to narrowly beat Munster 50-47. The team and student section pounced on Anderson rejoicing.

“I was just focused on running the play and when I saw Hobbs did not have the shot, I knew I had to get it up. [Hobbs] was trying to get to the hole. Right as it left my fingertips, I knew it was in,” Anderson said.

This win comes after Lake Central defeated yet another region rival, Crown Point, on Wednesday. Despite losing to Munster and Crown Point earlier in the season, Lake Central came back defeating both teams.

“[It felt] unbelievable. Doing it in front of our student body, who have been fantastic this season. I’ll tell you we don’t win that game without the crowd cheers. Our kids respond very well to our student body,” Coach Dave Milausnic, Mathematics, said.

The boys will go onto face off against Hammond Morton on Saturday, March 3.

“We brought a lot of energy and it couldn’t have been a better ending. Shout out to Nick Anderson on his birthday. We [filled] up to the top. Everyone just got loud and it was a great game to be at,” Justin Graves (12) said.