Shoot your shot


The student section shouts when Jack Davis (11) makes a three pointer and the Mustangs call a time out. The student section’s theme was Jersey Night.

Kristen Mirabelli, Author

On Friday, March 2, boys varsity basketball competed against the Munster Mustangs in the second round of Sectionals.

“We came into Friday’s game with the same mentality as we did Wednesday night, we had something to prove since they beat us during the regular season. Communication as a team, we just focused on relying all of our sets to each other so we knew what we were,” Conner Tomasic (12) said.

Tomasic started the game by making a three-pointer when he was wide open. The Indians were leading 16-12 at the end of the first quarter. The Indians held the lead until the fourth quarter when it was a tied game.

“When the score was tied, I was holding my breath hoping that LC would win or go into overtime. The crowd was silent and you could hear a pin drop because we did not want to lose to one of our biggest rivals. I was hugging my friend so tight and we were about to cry because it was so nerve-wracking,” Madison Powers (12) said.

With 13.0 left on the clock in the last quarter, Derek Hobbs (10) passes the ball to Nick Anderson (10) who then shoots for the three pointer and makes it at the buzzer. The student section then rushes across the court and tackles Anderson to the ground.

‘[It was my birthday] and it was the best present in the world especially against Munster. Right as [the ball] left my fingertips, I knew it was in,” Anderson said.

The Indians head to Regionals at Michigan City at 12 p.m. Make sure to come support the tribe.